HB1 – E1000 Combat Plane

Print your own: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3903714

The HB1 is an RC airplane designed specifically for E1000 streamer combat but can also be flown as a sport wing. It is a hybrid plane that combines a modular 3D printed fuselage with a foam wing. This reduces both the build time compared to a foam fuselage and weight compared to a 3D printed wing. The no-glue modular fuselage allows damaged parts to be quickly and easily replaced in the field.

The fuselage consists of a pod, rear wing hold down, tail, and two 5/16th wooden dowels that connect all the parts. The motor mount is a cylinder that attaches to the fuselage with 4 3x8mm screws. The ESC is positioned below the battery shelf. The receiver is installed in the wing. The front rubber band hold downs are 3x25mm bolts while the back hold down is a 3D printed part. While other batteries may fit, the pod is specifically designed for a Turnigy 1000mah battery. (77x35x17mm).

The wing is attached to the fuselage with two #105 rubber bands. (4 #64 rubber bands can be used substituted.) The use of rubber bands instead of wing bolts allows the wing to shift in a collision or hard landing. This spreads the force and reduces the chance of breaking the pod or wing. The pod can accept a wing with a cord up to 7-inches. Foamboard or a hot wire cut solid core wing construction is recommended.

Symmetrical Wing Build Video